Cooking themes

We have a bunch of favorite themes that our customers have enjoyed for years. We also get inspired by new trends and love to cook them with you. You can chose a classic or something trendy, quality is always guaranteed.

  • Seasonal menus are very popular. At Team Kitchen you can always opt for cooking great food from the season’s best ingredients, nice and fresh straight from the market.
  • The traditional Italian kitchen sounds, tastes and smells so good you’re swept back to that summer in Rome. There are lots to choose from among the country’s well-known classics. Starting from the rich tastes of the north to southern Italy’s legendary food: savory and vegetable-dominated. You can even challenge your team in a pasta making competition. This is definitely something for those with quick hands.
  • Try the French classics with a new modern twist and learn to master the French world of herbs. Herbs are an essential part in almost every French dish. This makes French home cooking so delicious.
  • The Food and wine menu builds a bridge between our food and the wine we pair it with. We prepare the dinner and taste different wines during the dinner, comparing two wines with each course to find the specific characteristics of the wines.
  • Champagne and seafood. This is the class where we open a bottle of champagne with a knife and enjoy real French champagnes that have been especially chosen for the seafood on the menu. Three glasses to accompany a three course dinner.
  • If you are looking for something different we offer Asian taste sensations and Japanese menus. The exotic flavors and fascinating aromas of the east fill the kitchen and our senses. We eat with traditional chop sticks and Asian beers are served with dinner.

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