Kitchen info

Some basics about Team kitchen:

  • We have classes between 10AM - 10PM.
  • Our classes are intended for companies, associations and other groups. Every class is tailored to meet the group’s needs and that’s why we don’t arrange so called walk-in classes.
  • All classes are full service. A chef will help with the cooking while staff will take care of setting the table, cleaning the kitchen and serving drinks.
  • As a memento and to use for your next dinner party at home, you can take all the recipes with you. If anyone dares to doubt your cooking skills, you’ll silence them with the tasty dish you learned to prepare with us. No doubt about who’s the chef after that.
  • So who should come and spend an evening cooking with us? We think we’re a fun place for teams that deserve a reward for a job well done or just want to relax together after work. Team Kitchen is also a great alternative for a team who needs to get to know one another a little better and get that good team spirit going.
  • At Team Kitchen, team work reaches completely new levels. In the kitchen there’s no such thing as “my job and your job,” everyone has the same clear goal: a delicious dinner.
  • It’s a good idea to bring your customers and other stakeholders for a night at Team Kitchen. Many people have jobs that get them invited to dinners every week and they know the menus and interior design of Helsinki’s downtown restaurants better than the back of their hand. But ask yourself, how many have participated in preparing their own gourmet dinner?

We’re unique – you can be that too. You can’t get a Team Kitchen dinner anywhere else.