Team Kitchen vol.3

Team Kitchen have publiched a new cook book named Cooking school confidentials!

To avoid ending up in total paralysis of action when hit by corona we started working on the book. Our vision was a peephole into our daily work at Team Kitchen. Pia came up with the concept and Janna took tons of pictures, recipes were documented in tree languages and even though the material was turned around many times Pia managed to hold all threads in her hand.
And Voilà! In your hands you are holding a book that gives you a small insight into what we do at Team Kitchen. We hope that the book gives you inspiration to cook together with your family and friends.

Janna & Pia

You can now by the book at:

  • Pannacotta, Kauniainen
  • Lifestyle, Helsinki
  • Chez Marius, Helsinki
  • Toppen, Tammisaari.

For more information about shipping or questions about the book please contact us