Hands on cooking classes for tourists

Team Kitchen offers special hands on cooking classes for smaller and larger groups

Join us for a lunch class, and learn how to make authentic Karelian pastries with egg butter or delicious cinnamon buns to be enjoyed with a glass of cold milk or cup of steaming hot coffee.

Why not prepare a traditional salmon soup and blueberry pie for lunch?
Cooking traditional foods together with Team Kitchens Grand mama´s who have been doing this their whole life will teach you all the secrets of how it is really done.

If you are interested in an evening class, and want to prepare a three-course dinner, together with our chef the cuisine then join us for a taste of Finland cooking class, enjoy flavours that will smooth your taste buds and blow your mind in their simplicity and flavour intensity. You will also learn the easy cooking techniques to later be able to prepare the menu at home.

Taste of Finland Menu

We also offer different side events as a part of our cooking classes. Because we are situated close by the market square and market hall it is possible to organize a visit there in combination with you cooking class. It is also possible to take part in a fishing excursion or just a boat ride in the archipelago. We offer forest excursions when in season for picking mushrooms or berries.

For smaller exclusive groups, special day trip to a small island in Barösund archipelago with possibility to fish, pick berries and mushrooms when in season or to cook together and enjoy a lunch out on the patio or on the veranda looking out over the sea. You can choose to just relax in the archipelago and enjoy the nature or take a jump in the sea.