What happens at a cooking class?

”Welcome to Team Kitchen, let’s get started!”

First of all, everyone puts their mobile phone on silent for the duration of the class (but taking pictures is encouraged!). Second, take a glass of sparkling in your hand and smile. Our chef will present the menu for the evening and walk you through the recipes. Participants are divided into smaller teams and every team gets a challenging but reasonable cooking task. No one’s left alone with a task; our professional chef de cuisine guides everyone through the cooking challenges towards a delicious meal. This is what we do, so don’t worry, everyone is a master chef with us.

When pots and pans are cooling and the blenders have stopped buzzing, it’s time for dinner. The table is already set by our kitchen assistants. The result of our class is always a (minimum) three course gourmet dinner. All courses are served with suitable beverages by our staff. The participants then present the course they have prepared to their fellow chefs. And so our busy kitchen has turned into a cozy gourmet restaurant (where you’re friends with the chef!).

We call it a night at 10 PM (or later if agreed) when our bellies are full and our cheeks are aching from all the laughs.

And no, you don’t have to do the dishes, we have staff for that.